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Forecom Phase To Phase Sdn. Bhd. (536927-D) was incorporated under the Malaysia Companies Act, 1965 on January 15, 2001 to assume the total operation of Forecom Inter-phase Sdn. Bhd. (178552-D) which was established since February 11, 1989; after the rationalization and streamlining exercise of Forecom Group. With the new corporate structure, we are extremely confident that all operation would be carried out in smooth and seamless manner with adoption of Total Logistics concept supported by most of the MNCs customers and the 50 skilled and experienced operation executives and staff who have served us for more than 10 years.
New Definition
Recalling decades ago when a customer needed to move cargo from one place to another, the person in charge would call in forwarding agent, engage lorry transport firm, hire a forklift, rent a store space in a dark old building. The result, the shipment would arrive, but not in good shape and not in time. Now in the fast-pace world, what our customer needs is to give us a call or send us an email, and we take care of the rest. In short, we strive to provide total logistics solution to our customers in terms of convenience, safety, security, timely and efficiency.
Forecom Phase To Phase is a new breed of logistics service provider (LSP) that operates as part of customer’s organization. The long-term kinship enables us to understand customer’s needs better and that is the most important factor why our customers stay with us. 
Customers’ Customers
We do not stop when our customers give a thumb-up for our service. Our motto is to go beyond and satisfy our customers’ customers who are usually the destined group. We believe our business stay only our customers’ customers happy,
Total Logistics Cost
As a total logistic solution provider, we understand the total logistic cost inherited in any product or service is astonishingly about 70% of the total product cost. No expert is required to justify such statement, just list the logistics expenditures taken up from the point of raw materials to stage the product reach the end user’s doorstep, you would be able to find out 70% is not exaggerated.
Recognizing this, we envisage big business in this industry and believe a small percentage saved in logistics cost would mean a big thing for our customers, and customers’ customers. As such, our experienced operation team strives to provide an effective solution to accomplish job assigned in professional way.
Human Resource
We recognize that all trucks and equipment would perform to their best only when the person behind is well trained. All Forecom Phase To Phase fieldwork operators and backup units are inculcated with “work smart before work hard” mind-set.
No work would be accomplished effectively without the assistance from information, communication and technology. Forecom Phase To Phase has equipped its truck with mobile communication device and anti-theft system known as “Vehicle Immobilizer” to cater for moving of high value merchandise.
Forecom Phase To Phase is working with e-commerce solution provider in providing the final stage of the business cycle – fulfillment and delivery. This is part of the logistics job that requires IT backup. We believe development in this aspect would eventually harness the business community and put the company in the forefront of the industry.
Yes, we believe “evolution” is the word.
As long as we stay in this industry,
we will continue to evolve to meet the customers’ needs.

Scope of Services
Intra Asean Trucking We pride ourselves that we can provide bonded trucking to and from Singapore – Bangkok in Thailand and within the Peninsular of Malaysia.
Central Distribution Center (CDC) & Local Trucking
We also provide services for multi-nationals factories throughout Malaysia with local trucking & “milk run” delivery service.
Port Clearance & Custom Brokerage
The Royal Malaysian Customs & Excise Department has granted us license to operate as forwarding agent. This has enabled us in providing seamless services for clearance & custom brokerage throughout Malaysia.
Bonded & Non-Bond Warehousing
In Singapore, we have a state of the art warehouse located in Old Toh Tuck Road. We have a Major Exporter Scheme allowing importing of goods without payment of Goods and Service Tax (GST).
In Penang, we are working with other Bonded Warehouse Operators to provide our customers with similar services.
Moving And Packing Service
We also provide skilled manpower, tools and equipment for shifting and moving, packing & crating, loading unloading, uncrating & shifting services to all the industrial players.
Trucks And Equipment Renting Service
We are dealing in trucks and heavy equipment leasing and renting service on monthly and yearly basis.
Security Feature
Forecom recognized the need to provide customers with added security for their high value produces during transportation; We have since installed mobile phones to all our trucks. Fixed electronic alarms & engine immobilizer on dedicated trucks for high-risk cargo.
We conduct police vetting on new drivers and regularly review the vetting procedure on existing drivers.

Business Philosophy
We believe in
long-term business relationship with our customers.
As such, we strive to provide total logistics solution to our business partners.

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